Welcome to our five-time award-winning kids educational game iBiome-Wetland!

With Professor Bio as your guide, we invite kids come explore the wetland habitat and all the amazing species within. Build unique bio domes from scratch and interact with their fascinating food webs through immersive game play. Use what you learn to make your bio domes flourish with life.


Awards and Reviews

We are thrilled by the honors and support we received from parents and teachers. Thank you all!

Best Learning Apps of 2015   – Common Sense Education /

“This smartly designed environmental sim lets kids explore three wetland habitats. By drawing connections between different species and creating a web, kids learn about producers and consumers and about predator/prey relationships.”


Smart Media Award –  Academics’ Choice Award

“The app is experiential in that it allows students to insert different species into the ecosystem and watch how they impact the balance – positively or negatively. The app helps students visualize producers and consumers and understand predator and prey relationships. I used it in my 6th grade classroom when we were studying fresh water wetlands to reinforce concepts and help differentiate instruction. The game was not overly interactive but it served it’s purpose well and definitely engaged my tech-addicted students.”

Academics' Choice Award

Best Teaching and Learning Apps in 2015 –  American Association of School Librarians (AASL).

“This app allows students to explore 3 different wetland habitats (mangrove swamp, saltwater marsh, freshwater marsh) by building bio domes. Within each bio dome students learn about food webs and the interaction between plants and over 50 species of animals. The goal is to build the optimum environment for the survival of both plants and animals.  Students are rewarded with badges as incentives. This app is highly interactive with hand drawn animations.”

Best App for Teaching and Learning 2015


Best Green Children’s Products Program for 2015  –  Dr. Toy’s .



Gold Award – Mom’s Choice Award

Gold Award Recipient



5 out of 5, A TOP PICK Earth Science App Designed for Students 9-11    (

iBiome Wetlands- A TOP PICK Earth Science App Designed for Students 9-11.

“This fascinating app demonstrates the step-by-step development of the biome and allows your child to become part of the process.  Its creative use of tablet technology and its solid content earn it a TOP PICK for Fun Educational Apps.”


5 out of 5: The iPhoneMom     (

“My 8-year old daughter saw me playing the app and became fascinated by it and has since expressed an interest in biology which I love! She has played it several times since then, and loves to come and share new bits of information she has learned while playing it.” “iBiome-Wetland is truly a valuable and high-quality app that, in my opinion, is a great investment in your child’s education.”


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