12 Days of Eco-Friendly Christmas

With more people looking for ways to address climate change, we believe that everyone can help. For example, Christmas is coming up. Have you thought about having an eco-friendly Christmas this year?

Inspired by the eco-friendly tips from our award-winning kids app – iBiome-Ocean, we want to present you with 12 unique ideas for this Christmas. Follow us on the upcoming Christmas countdown on all our social media accounts. Make sure to download our iBiome-Ocean app and discover all the “Oceans and Us” stories to see whether you can find the corresponding eco-friendly Christmas ideas. 

Each and everyday for the next 12 days, we will recommend simple, yet practical ways to reduce our waste and ways to sustain our environment, so make sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! If you are searching for gift ideas on educational apps, our multi-award winning iBiome series is a great option. It invites kids to explore the natural balance of the ocean and wetland habitats, build intricate ecosystems, celebrate the rich diversity of life, and study the human impact on our planet. Looking forward to everyone joining us on this eco-friendly journey! 


Springbay Studio is committed to making educational games to help children appreciate and understand the beauty of the natural world that surrounds them.


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