New game about the Polar Regions

If you follow our social media, you will know that we are busy developing the demo of a new iBiome game. We call it “iBiome – Melting Ice”. As the name suggests, it is about global warming and its impact on Arctic and Antarctica, regions that can be hugely impactful on our lives.

When you hear “polar regions”, you probably think about huge polar bears, cute penguins and other amazing animals, but have you ever thought about what the primary producer at the bottom of the entire food web in this frozen world is? It’s time to introduce the first species we’ve added into the game – ice algae.


Can you imagine that with no flowers, stems or roots, Ice Algae can bloom for several weeks in the Arctic Sea? Like we always say, nature blows our minds away. Scientists find Ice Algae everywhere in the Arctic sea, from open waters, to on the sea floor, or in or on ice. They have amazing ways to adapt to the extreme cold of the Arctic sea. For example, they can generate ice-binding proteins to protect themselves from damage caused by ice growth.

But wait, how does ice algae play a role in our new game? Find out in our next blog post!




Springbay Studio is committed to making educational games to help children appreciate and understand the beauty of the natural world that surrounds them.


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